Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Website Design for all

Hello Friends,

 My name is Dee Anderson.

here is my website

I  have been creating websites for about 8 years. I have been through all the frustration  and  experiments in web design.  I want to talk about how a website presence for your business, church, group or organization is very important.

Phone books--PHONE BOOKS

You might have been brought up on  the  local phone book but today we are a "universal" community seeking information and knowledge. We seek information from the the other side of the globe and we seek to know what is in our own area that we want to know about that will enrich our lives and our families lives.

Today I am working on a website for a very talented man who is a professional silversmith who creates sterling silver jewelry.  He is known for his creativity in Lakota designs from South Dakota.

I would like to connect with those that need a website and want others to find what they have to offer.

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